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Newborn Photographer London | Charming Henry

Newborn Photography London Meet little Henry, a wonderful little boy who loves his nap and his food. He came to the studio at around 21 days old so some of the newborn poses are a bit tricky for him. Besides, no matter how much I want to capture an image/pose, I won’t do it if it is too disruptive/uncomfortable for the baby. I was able to put my little NAO robot on top of his lower back because he does not move when he’s asleep. Below are some of my favourite images from his photoshoot. Continue reading »

Reasons why I stopped reviewing

nadia-2155797-EditI haven’t written a review about a camera, accessory or anything in over a year. I also stopped inserting notes about my gear in my posts, although I still do add a tag or two from time to time. Spreading the love for brands is a very lucrative thing for people like me. The perks are very attractive and the advantage of having a big corporation behind you is very good too. I am still a hardcore Olympus fan however, I realised that I am not going to be happy with myself if I don’t do what I love the most despite the perks or the attention. I know my limitations, I may be able to chat intelligently or charmingly with people about the awesomeness of photography or the camera but I know that I am horrible in front of a crowd – my mind would go blank despite the sass and confidence I project – inside, I am panicking. I can’t teach and I don’t share well. When someone comes to me for camera advice these days, I ask them questions instead of tell them to get my fave brand. It is preferable to allow them to choose intelligently than pushing them towards something because it is more popular, with higher specs, more affordable, etc. Ever since camera sensors went over 10-megapixels, my focus shifted to the skills and quality.  All the cameras are capable of creating amazing pictures in the hands of a skilled photographer. New cameras are only interesting for me if there is a feature that makes my job easier or something.  I still use my E-5, the last Olympus DSLR to be made. Since my E3 died on me last month, I use the E450 for taking ID photos. Although I would really love to get a new camera, I still cannot justify getting one. I may want one but I do not need it (yet).

Photography by Ghene SnowdonMy priorities has shifted to my photography, my family and my crafts. My perceptions have as well. Photography as a business is a very competitive and very expensive one. I strive to create things I love and I don’t like following the trend. I can honestly say I am a creator. I love making things – I just am not good enough in expressing my ideas. My mind would flit from creative photo ideas to robotic applications to ways the council can improve their poop fine collection or to the new plot on the stories I am writing. I would say I’m also a problem solver – an easily distracted one at that. I am not very good at finding pretty words to describe something unless I honestly mean it. I can find ways to test the limits of things though and if you know a company brave enough for me to test their toys. Send them my way for I will be happy to experiment not scientific testing but in day to day use, I find out what I like and not like and I will say why. But I will not say nice things about it unless I actually mean it.

So yeah, aside from shift in focus, the other reason I stopped reviewing is there are way too many people saying nice things about cameras (and other stuff).

I am still passionate about photography. I just spend more time, creating pictures for my clients and myself as well as learning new way to create something amazing I can call my own.

Above images are from my personal projects. In the Woods with Nadia Kuznecova. Paper Doll with Patricia Collins.

London Family Photographer | Betsy & the boys

Photography by Ghene Snowdon
Meet Betsy, she’s an 18 months old Lab who came to the studio with her family to create fun images to give as a gift. We had a lot of fun creating these images, it was a bit chaotic but all we need to do was calm the kids and the puppy will follow (sort of). Below are some of my favourite images from the session.  Continue reading »

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