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Olympus Snapshot April 2014


Yay! I am in Olympus Magazine’s April Snapshot :) Do check it out!

Easter Bunny

Photography by Ghene Snowdon
When I was growing up, I don’t remember having easter egg hunts, much less some chocolate. Lent & Easter in my country is about remembering Jesus’ sacrifice and asking forgiveness. Before Easter, we celebrate Lent, we attend church services and stations of the cross. We also fast or we don’t eat meat on Fridays and some whip themselves. Then on Easter Sunday, we usually have a picnic at the beach and generally have fun with family and friends. No chocolates, easter egg hunts and so on.  Continue reading »

Creative Portrait | Inspired by Heroes & Villains – Ursula

Thank you for taking the time to check out my first Heroes and Villains creative portrait project post (<<- that was a mouthful). I sat on this project for around two years and it’s liberating to be able to create the images. I love the whole creative process and by loosely basing it to characters, we are able to change and adapt our ideas to our skills.

Heroes and Villains is all about the female characters from various stories that I like and taught me a valuable lesson in life. These are my personal take on those characters. I love a story with a strong female lead and a devious villain.

I chose Ursula because she’s a villain with a sense of humour and also because she cares for her minions. She’s great at manipulating others to fulfill her evil desires. We all have a bit of Ursula within, at least once  we’ve manipulated someone to get what we want. That isn’t entirely bad. A girl’s gotta do stuff to survive ;)
Photography by Ghene Snowdon
I admit that in the past I’ve been a nasty. They weren’t kidding when they called me, well, a witch.”―Ursula Continue reading »

Mother’s Day Special Offer 2014

Mothers are great and they deserve something special for all the things they did for us their children.

Mother's Day Special Gift

So here’s a gift for mums which won’t wither. An experience to remember fondly.

Mother's Day Portrait Gift

With beautiful expressions.

Mother's Day Photography Gift

Portrait offer for Mother's Day