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July 2014 Newsletter

July Newsletter
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Outdoor Portraits Special Offer

Outdoor Portrait SessionIt’s time for fun, relaxed and memorable outdoor portraits session! We are giving away a free 20×24″ print of the image of your choice to any outdoor Family Portrait bookings. Sessions can be in any location within an hour from the studio (travel cost of 70p/m will be added to venues further away). Parks, forest and even National Trust and English Heritage places are ideal.

Price: £125

To book, select your prefered date on the availability calendar and enter your contact details below as well as “Outdoor Portraits” on the details field then send. I will contact you as soon as you can to confirm and discuss your session.

Or alternatively, call us on 079 10657 409

Engagement Photoshoot Welcome Pack

Here’s my welcome pack for booked Engagement Session clients. Like my other welcome packets, this gets updated fairly regularly.

Engagement Photography Welcome pack
I print and bind these on demand in the studio which helps keep the cost down and the information updated. The contents vary according to the service and for this one, it contains style guide, session information, photoshoot ideas, display guides, inspiration boards, referral cards and more!

Finishing it with a silk ribbon and coloured seal wax makes it look nice and elegant.

Pure Wedding World Experience

Okay, let’s get this straight. I did not sign up for their Wedding PA Service but I signed up as a supplier.

What is Pure Wedding World? They are a Wedding PA Service company. They charge brides £395 to £2500 for them to ruin the big day or something.


They said they VALUE OUR PRIVACY AND WOULD NEVER SPAM US. They would return emails & calls either.

They are using PlanningPod. You might as well sign up for it, a single event is only $6.99/ month plus 30day free trial.

Honestly, the only thing their Supplier Assessor/Evaluator did was sell me their “awesome” service. They did not check the quality of work nor the products.

So why don’t I like them? See the story below. I am ashamed I fell into this con/scam but I certainly hope it will stop brides and wedding suppliers from making the mistake I made.

The story

I was contacted by Pure Wedding World for an appointment in November 2013. I just opened my photography studio. I was pretty excited at having my own place to shoot after being an on-location photographer.

So before the appointment date, I checked the company and saw it was well supported and appears to have a good team too. Their senior supplier assessor came – Mike Ashlin won’t be able to make it I was told, so another one came John Huggins was his name and he said he came from Leicester or was it Lincolnshire (?). He explained how it works and that in my area, there are already 3 brides waiting. He mentioned a couple of photographers who used their services and so on. Pretty convincing. He said their wedding planners will recommend my services to their brides.  The brides will contact the me and when they confirm their booking Pure Wedding World will take 10% off the fee. So he said I should add 10% to my pricing for the PWW Brides.

I thought it’s a good idea. I was PA for several people on the French Riviera before and I worked with wedding planners before. Events organised with professionals are faultless, because the professionals will make sure it goes well. That’s what I did when I was a PA. I chased everything so my boss don’t have to worry about anything and can concentrate on the important stuff.

So I paid my registration fee of £180 by cheque and the remaining balance £120 which was invoiced as a 4 page brochure. A couple of weeks later, still having no news from them about artwork design, I called them, got Kelly who asked for my profile text and Jelisa who is their Graphic Designer who did a very BAD job. How do you expect the client to read black on gray? And red Title font colour? I provided the pictures and text and I do expect a better design from someone I paid for to do. So after several changes, I finally approved and afterwards, no news.

Fast forward to March 2014 without any referrals, no brochure and nothing to show for the £300 I paid. I called them for an update. Got a different girl who was very apologetic and sent an email with me in copy to their manager named Geoff. She set up a planningpod account. I checked it out and it worked, I was satisfied something is happening even miniscule.

A week later no news from Geoff, the planningpod account was closed and another 3 weeks later I asked for my refund. None came. I recently got a newsletter from them saying how well their new strategy is going. That’s it.

Now I want to share to ALL those who will listen to be careful and not to hand any money to these cons.

One of the directors is Mike Mazza who on Linkedin is a Start up advisor and Online Sales & Marketing Expert.  

Mike Mazza
According to  “Mike Mazza is a Serial Entrepreneur, I had my first .com in 1995 and it was a directory of locations and suppliers to the film industry. Since have launched many £multi-million businesses, current business is £100+m per annum.”


Pure Wedding World =Wedding Referral Service Ltd or was it Pure Companies (?)
Facebook Page with 9,000 likes but you can buy likes…

He also created another “almost carbon copy” of Pure Wedding World so beware.



There is another person but I will keep that to myself at the moment.

If you fell victim to Pure Wedding World, please know that you are not alone. Other victims created a Facebook Group: Pure Wedding World Scam

Also, Call Trading Standards and Action Fraud 0300-123-2040

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