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Anne’s Photo Party

My daughter turned 8 recently and wanted a little party for her friends. With the photography studio coming along nicely and a new service idea , we organised her birthday party within the same week to be held in the studio.

London Photo Party
And it was a blast! These One Direction loving girls danced, modeled and pretended to walk the catwalk. When it was time to change, they produced a very loud shrieking session :)


A big thank you for the parents for allowing their girls to attend Annie’s party and for the permission to share the images.

PR & Events | Dominican Republic Embassy in London hosts party for their Olympic team

CRESO official, Dominican Republic Ambassador in London (middle) and Dominican Olympic Committee president 

Now that the Olympics Opening ceremony is out-of-the-way and the first day of games is underway, it is with great pleasure to share some photographs of the party hosted by the Ambassador Federico¬†Alberto Cuello Camilo of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in London and CRESO for their Olympic team. It was a successful event with the important personages who supported these sportsmen and women who last night carried their flag with great pride during the opening ceremony. Continue reading »

Daily Picture | Vehicle on fire

My son took a photograph of a vehicle on fire in Edmonton yesterday while I was driving past it.

Daily Pictures | Diamond Jubilee experience

I came back from my Paris trip on Sunday the 3rd of June. It was the River Pageant so for something so special and “rare” I went to see what’s the fuss about. I decided to stay as close to home as possible and give myself time to wander around. My train arrived at 10ish in the morning, I haven’t slept for over 26hours and I am running on Berocca energy drink 9and a bit of sandwich). Tower Hill was so crowded and since it is impossible to get a good view of the river due to “private property” access only accessible to ticket holders or something I decided to take a picture of the people instead. Below are some pictures from the day:

Jubilee celebrations

Continue reading »