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Daily Pictures | Diamond Jubilee experience

I came back from my Paris trip on Sunday the 3rd of June. It was the River Pageant so for something so special and “rare” I went to see what’s the fuss about. I decided to stay as close to home as possible and give myself time to wander around. My train arrived at 10ish in the morning, I haven’t slept for over 26hours and I am running on Berocca energy drink 9and a bit of sandwich). Tower Hill was so crowded and since it is impossible to get a good view of the river due to “private property” access only accessible to ticket holders or something I decided to take a picture of the people instead. Below are some pictures from the day:

Jubilee celebrations

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Ola and James on the Olympus stand at Focus on Imaging

Accck it’s tilted! Since I couldn’t see my camera screen, what did I expect! ?! :D I was too busy admiring James’ muscles (and bum) to keep track to the camera ;) Anyway, it was great and there were loads of people on the stand.


At Focus on Imaging with Olympus

I was with Olympus last Sunday the 4th of March and yesterday the 5th for this year’s Focus on Imaging show. There were 4 Olympus OM-D cameras for everyone to see and presentations every half an hour along with Ola and James dancing at 12PM and 2PM.

This was my first time to step on the stage and talk about photography.  I was very nervous, I talked too fast and I barely remember what happened but I do remember that my USB key crashed and did not open the updated presentation on Sunday and on Monday I agreed to a (impromtu) live demo shooting beautiful Kelly and Rhianne. That again was my first time to do so. Not prepared, I did what I love doing best, shooting people.

I love taking pictures of people and on my impromptu shoot, I hope I mentioned it. I love to photograph people’s mood specially the genuine smiles and I’d do anything to get it.

I shot these with Olympus EP3 and 45mmƒ1.8

The process: Set the WB to Custom white balance by pointing the camera to a white surface (ie. the floor) and pressing Fn1 and shutter button at the same time. The check if there is enough light, grab Lastolite’s tri-grip reflector (my favourite!) and used it to get desired effect, direct models so they look naturally posed and get them to smile beautifully - I either said something silly or complimentary to get what I aimed for.

There’s an A3 print of this picture (with Kelly and Rhianne) on the stand. It was printed by the Epson direct from the camera. If you are going to Focus again, please do check it out.

I have more pictures and a couple of videos to post but at the moment, I really need to sleep. New post tonight (or tomorrow night if baby client is feeling better today).

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Events | Paris All Night Walk

This will be the 5th photography walk all night in Paris. As we all know, there are millions of tourists in Paris during the day and photography in this situation could be challenging. This is one of the reasons I started organising the Paris All Night Shoot.

Since the May bank holiday’s moved to June for the Queen’s Jubilee, this year’s event will be held in June. We will take the 16:22  Eurostar train from Kings Cross St Pancras station to Paris and meet all of our friends from other cities in europe in the arrival area in Gare du Nord at 8PM.

The Eurostar tickets for June will be available around March. And if want to come with us, just leave your mobile number on the checkout of the registration page so I can send you a notification as to when the tickets for the day will be available. This way, we can book the cheapest fares and also choose seats close to each other.

I’ve also set up a CafePress shop for the trip.

Registration fee is £17.50 which includes Metro & RER tickets for the whole photowalk. There are more tickets required this year than previous walks hence the increase in the fee.
To join us, please visit PHOTOSOCIALISE page.

See you there!