This is a question that I kept pondering about for a while now. Ever since those rumours about the “death of Olympus” came about. However, no matter how much I dare to try and like other camera brands, no matter how much I try to get hyped up about the features… I can’t let go of my Olympus cameras.

So, do I love the brand? the camera? it’s innovations? the service or its community?

I started photography when I was 11years old. At the time, a camera is just like a pen, a tool that is used to do a task. No sentimental value, no connection. It was easy to ditch and replace.

Then, digital photography started. My first Olympus DSLR camera was the E500, it was given to me as a gift. The first months, I was bumbling along, trying to understand everything all by myself, at that time, I wasn’t really interested in technical features of the camera. Learning from scratch was frustrating. Fortunately, I got in touch with several like minded people via a photography magazine. And through that, met the amazing Olympus team who are very supportive.

It made learning fun, it gave a sense of belonging. And with the care of the brand’s representatives, there’s this sense of direction and excitement. Being able to bring people together for something I am passionate about and meeting people from all walks of life through photography is also great.

Now that the official news about Olympus selling its camera business is out, am I worried? No. I like the brand because they innovate, it’s been a while since they brought out something that made me excited. Knowing that there will be new leadership and direction, I am hopeful that they will streamline and bring new innovations that will inspire people again.

I may not be as “noisy” as I was previously in forums & social media, it doesn’t mean that I lost my passion. I will admit, I lost the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) a while ago and now only get what I need (when it’s needed). I do have my favourite lenses mostly Olympus but also Sigma and Panasonic and for what I like to shoot, they are sufficient. If someone asks me to recommend a camera, I will of course recommend Olympus.

So why do I love Olympus? Maybe it’s all of the above, the people, the community, the innovation, the brand…

Photography is art and art is a living and breathing creature that constantly evolves, inspires and grow.