Frontrow camera, a wearable camera designed by Ubuquiti Labs. It is small but it’s great for taking quick videos and images. It is also capable of live streaming on FB and instagram and twitter.

I am on my 3rd Frontrow camera. This is because it’s easy to drop and there’s no casing to protect the glass screen. With my dry hands, I dropped my first two cameras. The second is still okay despite the cracked screen because I stuck a clear tape on it.

Frontrow #2 with cracked screen.

I do not want to damage my newest camera, specially since Ubuquiti Labs stopped selling them. So, I designed a basic case for it to protect the camera from (further) damage. Since I am still learning to use Fusion 360, I used the web application Tinkercad to create the model.

I created a basic shape, then added the details layer by layer so it roughly/closely resemble the shape. Then I subtracted the negative spaces (see the transparent grey shapes) until I came up with the desired model. I measured everything from the outer shape, the dimension of the device, the holes for buttons, mic & speaker, and the actual thickness. Since it’s meant to protect the device, it should be thick enough to do what it’s designed for.

For every step, I 3d printed a model so I can make size adjustments. I used Ultimaker’s flexible filament. I very rarely use this material so my settings for a clean print were a bit off.

Step by step print of the model until the final case.
Final design

It’s crude but at least it did what’s it’s meant for.